Making The Move Toward Tomorrow

At CHD we have created a setting where progress is key. We are not content to simply stay with what works… we want it to work better. This attitude, along with expert staff, is what has pushed us to the front of the field and is what will keep us there for years to come.
Our advances in technology do not stop at our rigs. Our planning as well as our engineering capabilities continue to grow along side our iron ensuring you the best possible final outcome on any project that comes our way.

Protecting Our People and Our Planet

At CHD our safety record is second to none. All members of our staff are oriented and trained in a stance that not only promotes but accepts only the highest standard of safety from every person, on every single job that we do, whether we are crossing a local road or a major river.
Of course people are not the sole safety concern at CHD. There is also the very important task of looking after our planet for future generations. The actions that we take now set precedents and a path for others to follow. At CHD we want to not only preserve what we have now but set an example for the future by maintaining the highest possible standard in all environmental situations.

Tools of the Trade

We take great pride in the quality and design of our equipment and there is a good reason for this. We take the raw unit from the manufacturer and modify it to suit our needs and the needs of our clients. This constant evolution of all our equipment ensures that we will arrive at the job with nothing but the most effective tools for the job… every time.
Our people are not an exception to this evolution. Through constant upgrading and training, and partnerships with key firms, we are able to keep our people knowledgeable if not ahead of field requirements. This evolution of skill building tends to keep everything fresh and developing. These fresh ideas coupled with our over 60 years of H.D.D. experience are what drives us forward beyond what we even thought possible.

Record of Success

Throughout the past 19 years CHD has had an unparalleled record of success. In fact we believe that given the right planning and preparation that no project is impossible. Our interests are all about completing the project at hand. Simply put, we want to do what is most efficient and effective, on every project. If desired, we will supply a list of some recent projects that show clearly how committed we are to our guidelines of efficiency and effectiveness.