Turn-Key Crossing Service 

The Turn-key Crossing Service concept can be applied to new crossings or replacements.
What makes the TKCS unique and cost effective for the client is that CHD undertakes to do the Consulting, Engineering, Design, Construction and Site Restoration. In addition CHD will do it on a fixed agreed upon price plus finance the project until the TKCS is complete and certified.
Upon successful completion on all aspects of the Crossing the Client then buys the crossing back from CHD at the agreed upon price.  All the risk is also undertaken by CHD through the TKCS process in addition to providing a cost effective crossing process in these times of escalating construction costs. Just another innovative idea from the Leaders in the Industry.

If you are interested in just a Crossing in the normal sense or a Turn-key Crossing Service, please contact us at (780) 352-5041 or email at info@canadianhorizontal.ca.


What C.H.D. Turn-Key Provides 

  • Assume all  risk.
  • Evaluate locations.
  • Obtain survey information.
  • Produce geo-technical report.
  • Design crossing profile & alignment.
  • Obtain all applicable permits and land requirements.
  • Locate underground facilities.
  • Order and transport all field materials (pipe etc).
  • Weld, test, x-ray pull sections.
  • Tie into mainline or prepare for owner tie-in.
  • Deliver crossings in their entirety with minimal Owner supervision and resources.


Turn-key Crossing Process

  • Engage Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. for a Turn-Key Crossing.
  • Provide all the relevant technical information to CHD.
  • CHD will prepare a Plan, Timing, and Price.
  • Review Crossing Plan, Timing and Turn-Key Price with client resources.
  • Satisfactorily interact on Crossing Plan and Turn-Key Price client issues a Purchase Order for Scope of Work as is agreed on.
  • Plan remains the exclusive property of CHD until the crossing is complete.
  • CHD commences execution of the approved plan.
  • Deliver certified crossing-Invoice client for "Price to Buy" as per P.O.
  • Wrap up any As-built documentation as required.