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Exploring the future… today has enabled Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. (CHD) to become the leader in the application of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology to environmental sensitive areas such as waterways’, mountains, roads and Municipal infrastructure where - open cutting is just not permitted in today’s "Green Building Projects" requirement. As horizontal drilling is the "Invisible Footprint" it is an increasing preferred technique for energy or municipal pipe liners to minimize the impact of construction on surrounding areas through no open cutting. The specifics of a drill depend on pipe size and soil conditions, however CHD has the equipment and experience to be able to complete bores well over 1000 meters of 42-inch pipe. In some special instances two rigs can be used on either side of the crossing to reach a length of 2400 meters on what we call an "Intersect" in the HDD industry. Our crossing pipe range would vary from 8 inch to 42 inch. To date Canadian Horizontal Drilling has completed 6000 successful Crossings - many of which were Milestone Projects. Everything a client needs to undertake a successful Crossing from the grass roots issues to the more complex matters is provided by Canadian Horizontal Drilling’s experienced and reliable resources. Our equipment is always in a high technology state of readiness, kept ready and reliable through our Maintenance Integrity Service Program. All CHD Planning, Execution and Completion is geared towards Customer Satisfaction:

Doing It Right: The First Time – On Time – Time After Time

Since its founding 16 years ago Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. has completed 6000 successful Crossings. In addition we currently have 104 years of experience from our CEO to Driller. The industry has undergone enormous changes throughout this period and CHD has kept ahead of the HDD pack through experience and innovation in applying new technologies to our HDD processes.

In keeping with this initiative in our standard service processes it is also possible for CHD to provide a higher level of crossing assistance offering for those Clients requiring this higher level  of service  known as a Turn-key Crossing Service .
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If you are interested in just a Crossing in the normal sense or a Turn-key Crossing Service, please contact us at (780) 352-5041 or email at info@canadianhorizontal.ca.