Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc.Environmental Integrity Policy (EIP)

Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. (CHD) will ensure that every aspect of our drilling activities is conducted in accordance with sound environmental practices. CHD is committed to fulfilling our Crossing undertakings to the Clients performance satisfaction level and in doing so managing all related resources in harmony with our natural environment. Horizontal drilling is likened to the invisible footprint in the day of less tolerance for opening cutting and right-a-ways in environmental sensitive areas. Once a CHD project is completed under HDD process the environmental sensitive area is virtually intact except where the pipe entered and exited. Both of these areas are quickly and softly cleaned up to their natural state upon project completion.  

The primary environmental risk related to the horizontal directional drilling process is what we refer to as "fluid migration to the surface" during the drilling process. In the event this should happen the impact of the drilling fluid can have an impact on the environment. The control of this possible situation is further eliminated by the "EIP" training all CHD crews have in our environmental and inadvertently fluid return policy and procedures. All drilling fluid is controlled at all time during the drill by the latest real time computer technology electronic monitoring equipment which is part of our "EIP" program. This program allows for prevention, early detection, effectual response and documentation of a fluid migration to the surface. This is achieved by all our Rigs and down hole equipment being monitored by computer sensors sending information instantly to the surface (in the case of drilling fluid) and interpretation by CHD resources instantly. This same information is also sent by CHD’s on site internet system at the Rig to the Central office in Wetaskiwin. As a result detailed information is collected and interpreted in the field and by CHD’s technical resources in Wetaskiwin.

The most significant breakthrough with our computerized process is the ability to use "EIP" as the analytical driver pointed at the prevention of fluid migration to the surface. In addition "EIP" also provides additional information on all aspects of the bore to ensure that the project plan is on the project plan design and meets all the Owners and environmental regulators/legislative requirements.

CHD is on the leading edge of providing down hole information to its on site operators and centrally located technicians. "EIP" reduces environmental risk through resource control to lower levels than conventional systems, procedures and specifications.  

CHD’s commitment to raising environmental awareness through "EIP" training to our Rig resources on site – does not stop at fluid migration to the surface but additionally covers all environmental  issues related to the land and controlled disposal of any dangerous materials. Site restoration to its original condition is a high closing priority for the CHD resources at project completion to maintain the preservation of the site before CHD arrived. Our collective task is to ensure that CHD continually improves the environmental of our HDD activities.

In more specific terms the CHD – Environmental Integrity Program is targeted to the following Regulatory and Legislative requirements of the Federal and Provincial Governments as required in the respective;

  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Fisheries Act, and

  • Alberta Environmental Code of Practice for Pipelines and Telecommunications Lines Crossing a Water Body Schedule.


In response to Alberta Environmental Code of Practice for Pipelines and Telecommunications Lines Crossing a Water Body Section 11(1), Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. Will, within 24 hours, report by telephone, facsimile or email to  the Director and an Owner, any contravention of the Code of practice including possible environmental impacts resulting from the contravention and initial actions taken to mitigate the contravention.

In response to Alberta Environmental Code of Practice for Pipelines and Telecommunications Lines Crossing a Water Body Section 11(2), Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. Will, within 7 calendar days, provide the Owner with a written report that contains the following information:
  • a description of the contravention;

  • an explanation as to why the contravention occurred;

  • a summary of all preventative measures and actions taken prior to the contravention;

  • a summary of all measures that were taken to mitigate the initial damage and proposed measures to address any remaining problems related to the contravention;

  • the names, addresses, phone numbers and responsibilities of all persons responsible for carrying out the works at the time the contravention occurred; and

  • Proposed preventative measures designed to prevent future contraventions.

In response to Alberta Environmental Code of Practice for Pipelines and Telecommunications Lines Crossing a Water Body Section 4(2), whereas the works are not completed on time, Canadian Horizontal Drilling Inc. will provide the owner:
  • with a continuance plan,

  • with  a new timeline, and

  • in cases where the works has commenced but has not been completed by the time period stated in the original notice, the new expected completion date of the works.

Closing Statement

Through the "Environmental Integrity Program" CHD recognizes its responsibility towards protection of the environment, and issues this Policy as a commitment of both Management and Employees to minimizing the environmental impact of its specialty HDD operations.