Equipment Integrity Program

The "Equipment Integrity Program" is a protocol which specifically details:
  • The inspection, repair & maintenance of CHD’s rigs and equipment
    • Over 200 inspection, service & maintenance points.
    • Outside Certified points of inspection.

  • The proper documentation of all inspections, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades performed on all rigs and equipment.
  • Establishes the level of repair/replacement parts and components that are to be inventoried at the specific rig as well as head office.

    • Established based on component availability.
    • Considers lead time requirement on replacement.
    • Considers frequency of failure.

Goals & Objectives

To insure that all preventative steps have been taken to minimize the risk of failure of rig and rig components while on the job site.
To insure that a reasonable level of spare components are on hand at the job site therefore enabling the crew to rectify the vast majority of component failures, on the most expedited basis as and if they should occur.
To maintain and update accurate and accessible records of all inspections as well as the corrections made resulting from these inspections.

To reduce downtime to an absolute minimum and portray a professional image, therefore maximizing not only client satisfaction but also profitability of both the company and the client.

The CHD Equipment Integrity Inspection takes place prior to the rig being mobilized to each and every project.

CHD is pleased to supply copies of the inspection(s) to Clients upon request.

Should you wish further information regarding our Integrity Inspection please contact us for a copy of the inspection forms.

These forms give an indication not only of our attention to detail, but also our commitment to insuring that the rig arrives on the job site in top working order.

The goal is simple. To take the steps required to deliver the Project:

Doing It Right: The First Time – On Time – Time After Time